How Much Does a … Make?

How Much Does A Pharmacist Make… Revealed!

How Much Does A Pharmacist Make… Revealed!

Are you considering a career as a pharmacist and wondering how much does a pharmacist make and whether it’s worth your while?

Well there’s certainly no hard and fast rules about a pharmacist’s salary, but generally it’s quite high considering that you need very good grades to qualify to study to be a pharmacist and there aren’t many qualified pharmacists out there.

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Many experienced pharmacists earn a comfortable six figure salary each year, which is good news for you if you are one of the rare few people smart enough to take on the job. Read on to find out how much does a pharmacist make exactly…

So How Much Does A Pharmacist Make Exactly?

Based on the latest figures available from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics in the US, the average salary that a pharmacist makes is between $77,000 and $131,000. Obviously as you can see, how much does a pharmacist make can vary depending on a number of factors.

These factors include your location, your qualifications, your experience levels and certain other factors as well. Your location is certainly a big factor, with a pharmacist in a big city like New York or Los Angeles almost certain to make more than one in a small town that doesn’t serve too many people. That said, the cost of living in the big cities are definitely much, much higher as well, so it’s a trade off really.

Obviously, if you are a pharmacist and you’re surprised at how much does a pharmacist make in one of the bigger cities, then a simple way to increase your salary would be to relocate and seek out a job there. It’s certainly a lot less effort than taking courses to upgrade your skills, which may not necessarily pay off considering that if you are in a small town your options are rather limited anyway. Of course, it’s not easy if you already have a family and you have strong roots in your community, but if you are single and don’t have a reason not to move, then this could be the perfect way to get an instant raise.

How Much Does A Pharmacist Make In A Big City?

So what’s the difference between how much does a pharmacist make in a big city as opposed to a smaller town? You can actually literally double your salary by moving to a more densely populated location like Boston, New York or Los Angeles where they offer upwards of $100,000 per year for a reasonably experienced pharmacist. So you’ve got to ask yourself, is it worth the move?

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